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Online Storage. Access Your Files Worldwide. We Show You How.

With the introduction of cloud storage and cloud servers, if you have a personal cloud storage or cloud storage for business need, it has become easier than ever to backup all your important computer files online. You are now given the flexibility of accessing all your files from anywhere in the world, with the benefit of knowing that all your important pictures, videos, music, files, documents, as well as other programs and data are securely stored and available to you 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

With our extensive knowledge of cloud storage and backed up by customer and webmaster reviews we help you choose the best cloud storage service provider for you.

  1. Free Trial Offers
  2. Access Files From Anywhere
  3. 100% Automated Online Backup
  4. Secure and Encrypted Storage
  5. Unlimited Online Storage
  6. Sync with Various Computers

What is the Review Process that you uses to Find the Best in online storage companies?

Top10CloudStorage.com uses a ten point quality check for each of the reviews that we provide on the website. Our ultimate goal is to assist our readers in finding the best in cloud storage and the most expeditious way in which to do that is to use the same criteria in reviewing each online cloud storage provider. Our experts provide a professional review (an expert look at the company) and then we open up our forum to customers that have used the service and want to rate it themselves. This is how we are able to provide an unbiased opinion and technical look at cloud backup while also offering the sentiment of the consensus of actual customers.

Our professional reviews and customer reviews both use the same ten point look at the cloud online storage company. Our comparison highlights what is most important to the consumer, with categories such as how much storage space the company offers, as well as how reliable the cloud file storage company is. Each category receives a score based on a 1 to 5 star system and that is how we determine the overall rating for the company.

Let’s take a look at how Top10CloudStorage.com looks at an online cloud storage provider:

Value for Money
The addage “you get what you pay for” is usually true when it comes to cheap and free cloud storage. Selecting a cloud data storage company that is the least expensive does not mean that the customer is getting the best value for their money. What Top10CloudStorage.com looks for in value is a combination of everything that makes up the cloud storage company and then, how much they charge. This might mean that the customer will see a cloud backup company that charges more for their service, but if they are ranked highly in value for money, then that company also offer superior features, storage space and reliability which, when weighed against the cost, makes up the rating for this online storage category.

Reliability and Uptime
This category is based on statistical data related to the uptime of the service. It is expected that cloud storage companies have a 99.9% uptime; however some may fall below that due to unforeseen circumstances. Top10CloudStorage.com believes that the consumer should be made aware of that so that they may make the most informed decision in selecting their online storage service provider.

Customer Service
The Top10CloudStorage.com staff reviewers put cloud storage company customer service departments through a test. This test is conducted as a live phone or live chat customer service request. The time that it takes to get a response and a solution to a problem is rated for speed, helpfulness and efficiency.

Technical Support
Technical Support and customer service are closely related; however this category is a rating of the technical proficiency of the tech support staff. Certainly, it is one thing to have a friendly and helpful tech support agent assisting you and quite another to have one that is all of that and actually solves the problem quickly.

This category is a rating of the amount of features that are offered as well as their usefulness to the consumer. Some cloud storage companies tend to comment on a large number of features that they offer however, those features are not always of a benefit to the consumer. Top10CloudStorage.com keeps a careful eye on this category when reviewing a company.

Storage Space
This category is a comparison of the amount of storage space offered by the company. Storage space also factors into the ‘value for money’ rating.

Ease of Use
When testing cloud storage services, Top10CloudStorage.com rates how easy that service is to use. This is compared against a benchmark of general users and technically proficient users. A good rating represents a median between ease of use for general and technical users.

Overall Rating
The overall rating category is the accumulation of all the rankings assigned to the aforementioned categories. This category gives the cloud storage consumer a quick overview of the company that is being reviewed and can be helpful in making a well informed and expedited decision.

In conclusion, Top10CloudStorage.com works as an advocate for the cloud storage consumer by assessing those services and reporting directly to the consumer. By also including customer reviews, Top10CloudStorage.com delivers an overview of cloud storage companies in a way like no other review site does.

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