Amazon EC2


The Amazon EC2, abbreviation used for Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud, is actually a web service that empowers users to resize their computing capacity while working in the cloud. The service is typically created to simplify web-scale computing and make it easier for website developers. Its elasticity and custom control capabilities make it highly demanding, while the flexibility gives users the power to choose from various instance types Oss and software packages.

Product Philosophy

This offering from Amazon brings before the user a realistic environment for flexible computing. Users can initialize the launch of web service interfaces in various operating systems, and even load them while simultaneously managing their network access capabilities. You also have the choice to run the instances in multiple locations, or if you want, can attach instances with blocks of persistent storage. The service is also economical, and because it uses the cloud concept, allows you to pay only for the resources that are really consumed.


  • Amazon EBS – This refers to the Elastic Block Store of Amazon that offers persistent storage for EC2 instances.
  • Choice of locations – EC2 empowers users to place its instances at multiple locations. The agreement commits to providing 99.5% uptime in each EC2 region.
  • Elastic IP – These are static addresses used for dynamic computing in the clouds.
  • VP Cloud – The Virtual Private cloud provides simple and seamless integration of your organization’s existing IT infrastructure with AWS cloud.
  • Cloudwatch – Service for monitoring of applications and resource of AWS cloud.

Although these are only some of the exclusive features that Amazon EC2 has, they are the most demanded ones. Other features of the service include balancing of elastic load, VM import and clusters that ensure high performance computing.


The EC2 comes equipped with a variety of mechanisms that help secure the resources of your computer. These include service interfaces for controlling network access and the ability to isolate the computing instances. Additionally, EC2 can also be used to launch dedicated instances that are capable of running on hardware that has been separately allocated to a user to provide extra isolation.

Storage space

When using the free tier, users are entitles for storage space up to 30 GB on EBS (Elastic Block Storage). Additionally, Amazon also offers 1 GB of snapshot storage space combined with two million IOs. The plan further includes 15 GB of bandwidth transfer and 1 GB of data transfer across regions. The amount of storage space depends entirely on the plan chosen. The website features a detailed explanation of all the plans Amazon offers.

Ease of use

The web service interface is simple, and users can obtain and configure the required capacity with only little technical knowledge. Moreover, the interface offers complete control of your entire computing environment. The service aims at saving time and increasing flexibility, and the interface has been appropriately designed for these functions.


The website features an extensive section of tutorials and FAQs that can solve most commonly asked questions. For any other concerns or questions, users may browse the forums. Premium support is offered for paid plans, and includes web and phone support.

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