Cloud Computing – Essential Requirements of a Cloud

Cloud computing is gradually becoming popular. When the concept first evolved into reality, large sized organizations were the only ones that had a favorable behavior towards cloud computing. With the passage of time, small medium size businesses now understand the benefits of cloud computing and how it can lead to the development of their business. The term cloud computing, however, can sometimes be confusing, since various providers choose to implement it with and in various technologies.

If you are reading this article, you probably know what clouds are. In this article, we highlight the requisites of a cloud that makes it a cloud. Here, it must be mentioned that the some factors such as billing, deployment models and others depend largely on the provider of the service; therefore, we will keep the discussion limited to the key features and architecture of the cloud.

Vital components of Clouds

Let us begin by briefly discussing the architecture of the clouds. This is, clearly, among the essential requirements. The architecture consists of the back end as well as the front end of the infrastructure. The front end is the interface, and this is what you typically see before you. The back end, however, remains unnoticed. Primarily, it comprises of a data center, servers, networking, operating software and storage, in no particular order.

Data center

It can be visualized as a data store, and similar to a physical storage structure, vary with each other in terms of price, location, quality and other factors. An idea data center must have a good tier rating and backup power. Although these are not the only two aspects that you must consider when inspecting a data center, these are amongst the most important.


Increased reliability of the cloud and also its redundancy has elevated the network challenges, and developers find it harder than ever to counter these problems. Ensure that the cloud hosting company you prefer has a good networking infrastructure. Also inquire about the methodologies and involved, and also the type of equipment that have been employed.


This is also of equal importance, and you must ensure that the servers are fast, in good condition, reliable and secure. An important question to ask your cloud hosting provider is that if, for some unfortunate reasons, the data centers are unable to cool the servers, will they be able to cool themselves automatically to prevent loss of data, downtime and damage. Also inquire about the efficiency of the chassis, and if the server houses redundant parts. Also consider other factors such as network cards, ECC rams and server storage capabilities.


For those who have worked with cloud hosting before, they will know that storage can safely be said to be the most important constituent of a cloud. Various storage methods allow data to be stored in local drives or even on remote storage. It is a good idea to ask your hosting provider about the different techniques applied when storing data. It is best to do a complete research on all the affected factors yourself before you commit to signing up any agreement.

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