Companies are Accelareting Towards the Cloud

Companies are accelareting towards the cloud.

A recent study commissioned by Microsoft of small and medium sized businesses showed that they are quickly moving towards cloud storage in order to reduce IT costs. This trend looks set to continue with the number looking to subscribe to one or more cloud storage providers tripling by 2017.

It is reported that the accelerated trend can be attributed to the fact the cloud computing grants small and medium businesses the opportunity to sample the power of larger corporations for a fraction of the cost. Cloud storage allows SMBs to refocus their budgets away from IT and towards  growth and expansion.

In small businesses, communication is the key to growth. Cost saving cloud storage can help businesses improve communication and allow employees to be more dynamic in their acquisition of new business. By allowing employees to access, amend and create files on the move, they make much more effective use of the time they are working. In fact the study suggested that 63% of SMBs predict they will see an increase in sales in the next 12 to 18months thanks to the implementation of cloud storage.

Other statistics revealed by the study which put into perspective just how much of an impact cloud storage is going to have on SMBs in the future are:

71% of SMBs require a technology who enable their staff to be able to work and access files anywhere in the world. The answer is of course cloud storage.

79% of SMBs believe that changes in technology will make working a more enjoyable process.

58% of SMBs believe that implementing cloud storage will make them more competitive in the market place.

Cloud storage has been steadily on the increase over the last 3 years or so and this study goes on to suggest that there is no sign of it stopping anytime soon. As SMBs begin to witness the advantages of cloud storage or experience it for themselves I have no doubt that more and more companies will follow suit and intern help drive the economy forward into the next decade.



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