Just Cloud vs Backupandshare

The Cloud Storage Battle
Just Cloud and BackupandShare offer cloud storage solutions for small businesses and enterprise. Although storage capacity is a determining factor of the service that you choose, there are several other aspects that also have to be considered when deciding the right provider for you. Computer experts recommend that the best way to look for the most reliable provider is to do your own research and go through customer reviews. Not all providers offer exactly the same features, and you will want to finalize one that suits your requirements the most. Offered below is a detailed comparison of BackupandShare and Just Cloud.

The Arsenal
Just Cloud

  • File sync – Just Cloud supports multiple syncing of computers and laptops, and these files are organized clearly to give you access to all your documents in one place
  • Mobile access – All your uploaded content can be viewed or accessed via mobile devices
  • File sharing – Share files easily and quickly with other members in our group, or send them publicly
  • Security – Data is transferred to the company’s secure servers and stored in redundant data centers


  • File sync – A very simple application that keeps running in the background, creating backups while you continue working normally
  • Mobile access – Use any mobile device to access your stored documents in the clouds
  • File sharing – Users can send files to others and even share them publicly
  • Security – Safe cloud storage, although not extraordinarily secure

The Protection
Most users consider safety as the most important factor when choosing a cloud storage provider. This is important, since you will be entrusting the provider with your most valuable digital files. BackupandShare only uses 128-bit encryption, and though that is secure, this is not amongst the most secure techniques now in use. In contrast, Just Cloud makes use of 256-bit SSL security that ensures that all files or data being sent online is always safe. The high encryption also makes sure than no intruders gain unwanted access to your files in any way.

The Size
BackupandShare offers 10 GB online storage space to its personal users, and commercial users will have to subscribe to the unlimited storage. This may prove to be expensive in the long run if you do not have much data to process. This is, however, also taken care of by Just Cloud online file backup plans that offer 75 GB as standard space. For larger businesses, they offer 250 GB online space. Enterprise class organizations or large businesses can always upgrade to the unlimited plan whenever they deem it necessary.

The Training
BackupandShare does not even offer trial services on any of its products, and those interested in trying out the service will also have to subscribe to them. This is another advantage with Just Cloud, which offers a 14-day trial period on its cloud storage plans. While customers contacting BackupandShare customer support may only do so by email, those using Just Cloud services can request for technical support by live chat or online support tickets.

The Victor
Just Cloud offers better protection features combined with efficient storage plans. Their trial period gives another good reason to test their services first. Included in the list of advantages is also the fact that their pricing structure is more affordable than that offered by BackupandShare.

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