Just Cloud vs Carbonite

The Cloud Storage Battle
Traditional methods of data storage have various discrepancies, and recent developments in the field of storage, such as cloud storage, resolve most of them. A very significant advantage of using an online storage provider is that you are freed from the tedious task of burning disks creating manual backups since most of the process is automated. Data can be stored online easily with a few mouse clicks, and you never have to worry if an important piece of data was successfully stored. If you look for cloud storage companies, you will come across numerous providers, but not all of them have precise solutions that cater to your needs. JustCloud and Carbonite are two very popular providers of cloud storage, and are amongst the most preferred ones in this category. We compare the services offered by them and also their features here in this Cloud Storage Battle to help you make an informed decision.

The Arsenal
Just Cloud

  • Sync multiple computers together under one Just Cloud account
  • Mobile phone access supported, phone applications for Android, Blackberry and iPhone
  • Simple file sharing simplifies the entire process for everyone, even for new users
  • Strong encryption and secure data centers ensure that user data is always safe


  • With an annual subscription, Carbonite offers unlimited cloud file storage. The stored documents can be accessed via your computer and mobile devices such as iPhone and BlackBerry.
  • You can choose what folders or files to back up, and the process carries on automatically in the background while you keep working.
  • Data restoration is easy, and depending on the size of data you choose to backup and your internet speed, will hardly takes a few minutes.

The Protection
Security is one of the most important factors that many consider when choosing a cloud storage provider. Just Cloud understands the present risks of hosting files, and employs secure security levels to protect user uploaded data. All connections to the server are 256-bit AES encrypted, and Just Cloud also uses SSL for additional security. Carbonite only mentions that it uses the protection techniques used by banks to secure customer data, although no particular security techniques are highlighted.

The Size
Carbonite offers unlimited storage to its users, and all plans are offered for a one, two or three year subscription. No basic plans are offered, and this makes it slightly inconvenient for home users or small businesses that have relatively smaller amount of data. Just Cloud has plans that suit everyone, right from home users to large businesses. Storage space starts from 75 GB, and customers can upgrade to 250 GB or unlimited plan anytime they want to.

The Training
Carbonite offers a trial period of 15 days with all features ready to be used within this time frame. You may browse the FAQ section online for support on any issues about the service, or even contact them by email. Just Cloud offers a large FAQ section on their website, and contact options include live chat and sending emails. The company also offers a 14-day trial period on its plans.

The Victor
Carbonite, though a popular cloud storage provider, is not very flexible when it comes to storage space and pricing. In contrast to their essential annual subscription, Just Cloud also offers monthly subscription in addition to the yearly ones. Moreover, the latter has a choice of storage plans, which is in dark contrast with only the unlimited plan offered by Carbonite. Just Cloud wins with a Knockout!

What is the most important factor when you're choosing a cloud storage/ online backup provider?