Just Cloud vs Dropbox

The Cloud Storage Battle
Online storage is now essential, and as the latest method storing computer files safely, cloud storage is becoming immensely popular. However, the many companies that offer this service, you will have to choose one to go with, unless you have a large volume of data to be stored and wish to subscribe to multiple cloud storage providers. Dropbox and JustCloud are both popular providers of online storage, and therefore choosing between the two can be difficult. Drop Box is largely the choice of many first-time users of online cloud backup, while Just Cloud is extremely popular among business organizations and users who choose to upload a relatively higher volume of data.

The Arsenal
Just Cloud

  • Just Cloud empowers users to sync PCs and other computing devices under one account
  • The service also supports access of files through mobile phones
  • File sharing is really simple, and sharing to files even to non-users is now a breeze
  • Security has always been of immense concern when dealing online companies, and Just Cloud completely understands its importance


  • Files can be synced from multiple computers at the same time. Moreover, the stored data can be accessed via simple web browsers, from any device.
  • Support for relatively larger number of devices, including BlackBerry and iPads.
  • Sharing of files is easy, and custom sharing allows non-users to download from your Drop Box public folder.
  • Advanced mobility features support numerous mobile devices, and you can choose to sync data while on the move.
  • Security techniques involve SSL and encryption.

The Protection
The protection features used by Drop Box as well as Just Cloud are almost similar, with both the providers employing SSL and 256-bit encryption for sending and receiving data. These are amongst the most secure services that are made use of by cloud providers online, since they can effectively prevent any unfortunate event of hacking. Additionally, the security measures taken at Just Cloud are also reviewed periodically by a third party monitoring agency to pinpoint any loop holes or vulnerabilities, making it more secure than the rest.

The Size
The size of storage is certainly limited when compared to that offered by Just Cloud. Drop Box offers 2 GB of cloud file storage absolutely free, whereas no such feature is offered by Just Cloud. However, for serious users who are looking to pay for premium storage, Just Cloud offers more attractive plans. Compared to the 50 and 100 GB plans offered by Drop Box, Just Cloud offers online storage space in the range of 75 GB, 250 GB and finally unlimited plans for business users.

The Training
No free trials of the services are offered by Drop Box, and you will have to subscribe to use them. Help Center, forum and options to contact customer support are an advantage. Almost all departments (including billing and tech support) can be reached via email. Just Cloud also houses an extensive section of FAQs and tutorials for helping users who are new to cloud storage. You can also contact customer support by submitting a ticket via their official website or using the live chat feature during business hours.

The Victor
Although both services are extremely popular, Just Cloud wins by offering better services in terms of choice of plans and customer support. Moreover, free trials can help users get a feel of what to expect from the provider.

What is the most important factor when you're choosing a cloud storage/ online backup provider?