Just Cloud vs Elephant Drive

The Cloud Storage Battle
Cloud storage is now a necessity for all computer users, whether they are those using their computer systems at home or those using it at work. Such type of storage has proven to be efficient in almost all respects, and therefore most computer experts recommend using these in place of the conventional physical media storage techniques. However, when looking for the right cloud storage provider, it is best that you do some research. Just Cloud and Elephant Drive are two cloud storage providers, and we compare their services below.

The Arsenal
Just Cloud

  • File sync – Advanced file syncing with syncing support for multiple devices
  • Mobile access – View all your uploaded media via your phone browser
  • File sharing – Share files to users and even non users with few clicks
  • Security – Advanced encryption techniques to protect your documents being sent online

Elephant Drive

  • File sync – Support for backing more than one device on a single platform for ready access to all documents
  • Mobile access – Mobile access is not supported
  • File sharing – Simple method for sharing files, also features a password protect feature on the sent files
  • Security – Moderate encryption settings for security issues

The Protection
When discussing about cloud storage provider, it is essential that we discuss the security features of these two competitors. Primarily, let us consider Elephant Drive. Encryption setting for this provider includes employing 128-bit encryption. Although this is safe, more secure services use advanced encryption. Just Cloud falls in this category, and offers a 256-bit SSL encryption for you to store and send your files safely.

The Size
Storage space is another important feature that you will have to consider, since the entire concept revolves about safe storage of your files. Elephant Drive does offer some plans for its various user categories, but these are more expensive and thus not feasible. Storage plans that Just Cloud has to offer involve all users, ranging from personal ones to commercial users. Just Cloud offers 75 GB storage as its basic plan, and this can be upgraded to 250 GB for medium sized businesses. Additionally, users may also request for unlimited storage space in case they have large amount of data to store.

The Training
Customer support options are different for different providers, and it is always a good idea to prefer a provider that has more contact options. Elephant Drive support can be reached via phone, while users of Just Cloud can request for support using the online chat feature or by simply mailing the online form provided in the website. Trail period is offered by both providers. While Elephant Drive allows customers to use its products free for 15 days, Just Cloud offers a 14-day trial period to its customers.

The Victor
The cloud storage service offered by Just Cloud is downright better, with increased support for sharing large files and advanced mobile phone access. Moreover, the security settings that Just Cloud employs are also better than that of Elephant Drive.

What is the most important factor when you're choosing a cloud storage/ online backup provider?