Just Cloud vs IDrive

The Cloud Storage Battle
Looking for a reliable and secure cloud storage provider online? Quite frankly, there are numerous options for you to consider, but given the fact that not all providers take data security and user-friendliness equally, you must do a proper search on which one to go with. JustCloud and IDrive are two very reputable providers in this category, and users no doubt have a hard time in deciding which one to go with. To simplify your process of decision making, we extensively compare these two cloud storage providers in the sections below.

The Arsenal
Just Cloud

  • Users are allowed to sync Just Cloud services with various computing devices under one account. This means that you can access the data stored on your different computers even when away from them
  • Just Cloud also supports mobile access, and users can retrieve their uploaded content via phone applications
  • Just Cloud entirely redefines the file sharing process, making it more easier than ever
  • Secure data centers and encrypted connections ensure that no data is prone to virus attacks or hacking attempts


  • IDrive lets you sync your files and important folders via its application when installed on your PC.
  • Changes made in files are uploaded real time, and the process is automatic.
  • Managing of multiple accounts is simple with IDrive, and advanced mobility allows you to access your data from almost anywhere.

The Protection
Security features used at IDrive are excellent, and all the data is transmitted via 256-bit AES encryption. Data is compressed before being sent, and the system allows you to choose a personal encryption key for maximum protection. Just Cloud, on the other hand, employs the best encryption techniques by making use of the security used by banks. Risks of unwanted data interception are minimized, and the state-of-the-art data centers ensure that no data loss occurs due to physical damage.

The Size
IDrive offers 5 GB storage space absolutely free of cost to its users. Professional plans are available from 150 GB for personal use to up to 1000 GB for businesses. The IDrive Pro family pack offers a cloud storage space of 500 GB to keep all your valuable files in place, securely. In contrast, Just Cloud does not offer any free storage space, but plans start at 75 GB and go up to unlimited cloud storage. This is ideal for home as well as professional users.

The Training
IDrive does not offer a trial of its professional plans, but it gives 5 GB cloud storage free for users to try out the services. If you like what you get, you may choose to upgrade at any time. Just Cloud, however, offers a free 14-day trial of its paid services, giving you the real interface and experience of what you can expect to get. Customer support is also good at Just Cloud, and you can browse through their huge FAQ section to clarify your doubts. IDrive also houses an extensive FAQ section for ready reference of users. Tech support can be reached by submitting a ticket or live chat.

The Victor
Just Cloud offers better plans and even a more reliable security system than IDrive. Also, the former wins in case of cloud storage space and the features associated. Nevertheless, IDrive also offers secure data storage that is good for personal use and if you have a limited amount of data to be stored online.

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