Just Cloud vs MiMedia

The Cloud Storage Battle
With the increased risks of online attacks and the consistent threat of physical damage to your hard disk, cloud storage services are now highly in demand. People now understand the limitations of using physical media storage devices, and this has further fuelled the need of secure and reliable backup solutions. Cloud storage, since its development, has been in discussion for its many features that resolve most of the problems arising in conventional data storage solutions, most important ones being durability, security and mobility. Among the many providers that offer these services now, we compare Just Cloud and Mimedia. Although Just Cloud is more reputed and well known than its competitor, it still offers comparable features.

The Arsenal
Just Cloud

  • File sync – A user is allowed to sync all computers or laptops in one account, thus allowing him to access all the data in one location
  • Mobile access – Mobile apps make it easy for users to access their files using mobile phones
  • File sharing – Instantly share files with other users, or send public links to people not using Just Cloud
  • Security – Advanced encryption ensures that no information is read by unwanted individuals


  • File sync – Mimedia offers free storage, but file syncing is slightly complex and may be hard to understand and use by new users
  • Mobile access – View all uploaded content via your iPhone or iPad device
  • File sharing – Sharing of files is allowed
  • Security – Very secure data centers with no mention of network security techniques

The Protection
When considering an online file storage provider, it is always recommended that you ensure the safety of your data. Although Mimedia does state that its data centers are highly secure, it does not shed any light on the type of encryption or compression technology used when transmitting data from user machines to its servers. Just Cloud, however, states that it makes use of 256-bit SSL encryption for sending all the data to its data centers. This data is then securely copied as a backup on some other offsite location that ensures maximum protection of your valuable backups.

The Size
Free storage offered by Mimedia is in the range of 7 GB, and users can store all their personal files and other important digital media on this space. Additional space is also offered to those who require more, and users can choose from 250 GB to 1 TB. To simplify the cloud storage planning structure, Just Cloud offers 75 GB as standard storage to its users. The other plans include online storage of 250 GB and even unlimited storage for large businesses.

The Training
Help at Mimedia can be reached via various ways, and these include phone, email and live chat. It also offers users a trial period of 30-days to test its services. Just Cloud offers the same features, although its trial period ends after 14 days. Support options include live chat and online help ticket submission.

The Victor
When looking for the best cloud storage company, there are many factors that have to be considered. Most of the important ones have been covered above, and these clearly show that Just Cloud’s services are more preferable than that offered by Mimedia.

What is the most important factor when you're choosing a cloud storage/ online backup provider?