SugarSync vs keepit

The Cloud Storage Battle
Data backup is not optional anymore, and if you have still not backed up your computer’s data, you may be risking it being lost or stolen. Unexpected computer crash and virus programs are only two common causes of data loss. Even traditional methods of data storage are not safe from these factors, and neither do they offer mobility. Cloud storage solutions for home users as well as businesses takes all these into account, and offers the online file backup service that aims to resolve all issues pertaining to file storage. Nevertheless, you will still have to consider some very important factors when selecting any online file backup provider. Sugarsync and Keep It both offer offsite data storage solutions, and we compare between their services and features.

The Arsenal

  • File sync – A simple and silent application that can be installed in the background while the user continues to work undisturbed
  • Mobile access – Sugarsync offers mobile support for almost all mobile devices
  • File sharing – Share files easily and invite other group members to collaborate with you
  • Security – Advanced encryption and secure file transfer settings


  • File sync – Online file storage service for home users as well as business organizations
  • Mobile access – No support for mobile phones is offered
  • File sharing – Keep It also allows users to share files between your group members online or even publicly
  • Security – Strong encryption settings that minimize the risks of data theft

The Protection
Security settings must be essentially considered when you are looking for a cloud storage provider. After all, you are entrusting the company with your valuable digital data. While Keep It offers 256-bit encryption to its users. This is among the safest ways to secure the online transfer of the files. Sugarsync uses TLS to transfer user files securely to its servers, and before being sent, they are encrypted with 128-bit AES encryption, thus offering a more secure transport layer.

The Size
Keep It only offers unlimited storage space to all its users, and this is more of a generalized solution for large businesses. Small businesses and personal users who do not need a huge amount of space may not find the cloud storage plan offered by Keep It attractive. In contrast, Sugarsync offers 5 GB free online storage space. Additional upgrades can be done for plans of 30 GB, 60 GB and 100 GB. For businesses who need larger space, they can request for 250 GB or 500 GB storage.

The Training
Keep It and Sugarsync both offer trial period of 30 days, and users can use their products before actually subscribing to the services. Users of Keep It can only contact customer support via email and phone. Sugarsync allows users to request for general and technical support by using the live chat feature or the member forum, or simply by email.

The Victor
Not only does Sugarsync has better features to offer than Keep It, it also has a variety of storage plans that can meet the custom demands of many home users. Getting support with Sugarsync is also easier, and their pricing plans are also more affordable, making it an economically better choice.

What is the most important factor when you're choosing a cloud storage/ online backup provider?