Zip Cloud vs IDrive

The Cloud Storage Battle
Backing up data to the ‘cloud’ is an increasingly attractive option for users who want to protect their digital assets, as well as enhance opportunities to synch, share and collaborate. Users today can take advantage of online backup as an additional security measure, as well as to add depth to data archives. There are many services available, but two which stand out from the cloud are IDrive and ZipCloud, offering extensive online storage capacity and capabilities at an affordable monthly rate. So how do these two services stack up against one another?

The Arsenal
Zip Cloud

  • Simple, safe and highly secure universal cloud storage, supporting all file types.
  • Extremely easy to use with a highly user-friendly interface.
  • No manual backups required – simply install and the software will sync all your files automatically, with no disruption.
  • Set your schedule and ZipCloud will automate the backup process without you needing to take further action.
  • Supports synchronization across multiple devices, including iPhone, iPad, tablets, Android devices, laptops, desktops, Mac computers and more.
  • The software’s online control panel enables you to access backed-up and synchronized files through any device which has a net connection.
  • Access data any time, and from any location.
  • Share data and folders with your friends, family and colleagues, and invite them to access using Twitter, Facebook or email.
  • All data is encrypted and secure at all times, so you don’t have to worry about private information being compromised during transfer.


  • IDrive is a universal online system for data storage which launched back in 1999.
  • Provides online storage space for data files of all types.
  • Supports backup for multiple devices.
  • Continuous Data Protection (CDP) logs changes to files and folders stored online and offers real-time back up.
  • Synchronizes drives, folders and files between computers and the online server.
  • I Drive’s version support allows users to restore the previous 30 versions of a file.
  • Management of multiple accounts through one web account.
  • Login and retrieve data from anywhere.
  • Encrypted data transfer and storage.
  • File sharing for collaboration.
  • Reports on activity, scheduled backups and browser actions.

The Protection
Both services use 256-bit AES encrypted data transfer to ensure the security of your data – this is the same as the encryption used by financial institutions.

The Size
ZipCloud’s ‘Unlimited’ plan starts at just £4.95 per month, making it a highly affordable option for online data storage. This includes fully automated back-ups, synchronization across multiple devices, round-the-clock tech support, a money back guarantee, and full file versioning support. IDrive Pro Personal offers 150GB of storage for £49.50 per year; IDrive Pro Family offers 500GB for £149.50 per year; and IDrive Pro Business offers a range of plans up to 1000GB for £799.50. ZipCloud is a more affordable option for both personal and professional users.

The Training
Of the two services, Zip Cloud’s trial offers users a more extensive range of features and data storage capabilities. This 14-day free trial includes 15MB storage with fully automated back-ups and synchronization across multiple devices. The IDrive basic account allows users to back up 5GB of data free of charge for an unlimited period, but offers only limited features.

The Victor
ZipCloud’s ease-of-use, clean interface, superior features and more flexible pricing plans, as well as a more extensive free trial for new users, make it a winner for users who want a versatile online data storage system that won’t break the bank.

What is the most important factor when you're choosing a cloud storage/ online backup provider?