Google’s Good, but not yet great

With just over a week in the cloud storage market, Google Drive has been the word on everyone lips, well that was until LG came along and stole the limelight, which is likely to be stolen again this week as Samsung wade into the war for cloud storage rule. But that’s beside the point….

Google may have been hotly anticipated to give leading cloud storage provider Dropbox a run for their money but they aren’t as perfect as a provider as we might have all been led to believe. Below is part one of the minor flaws in Google Drives plan for world cloud storage domination.

1. 10 & 5

Google Drive are offering 10GB of free Gmail cloud storage as part of their plan, but only 5GB of free cloud storage for everything else. Who has 10GB of emails? If you do I suggest a cull, all those emails telling you you’re the winner of a competition you didn’t enter, aren’t real…delete….delete…..delete. If Google have this much storage to give away then perhaps they should re think how they assign it.

2. iOS

While Android users are sitting pretty, iPhone users are unable to access an app which means they can use their mobile phones as a device synced to their cloud. Seeing as they are one of the most popular phones on the market, congrats to Google for alienating 1/2 their audience.

3. Amending Files

Bare with me here…Google will allow you to upload Word documents into your cloud, however in order to edit them you have to convert them into a Google Document….Then if you want to edited said Word document whilst on the road or via a device which is offline, you can’t. This is a major failing of a cloud storage system which is meant to revolutionise how we work and make accessing all our files as easy as possible. Is this the problem with trying to brand to much together to soon?

Is the shine starting to wear off of Google Drive for you? Me too….a bit. Catch part two of my Google’s not great yet list soon.

What is the most important factor when you're choosing a cloud storage/ online backup provider?