Cloud Storage Reviews

Since the introduction of cloud storage and cloud servers, if you have a personal cloud storage or cloud storage for business need, it has become easier than ever to backup and access all your important computer files online. This gives you the benefit of knowing that all your important pictures, videos, music, files, documents, as well as other programs and data, are stored securely. You will also have the flexibility to access your data 24 hours a day seven days a week. Having a cloud storage solution to backup and access your data for your websites can be a lifesaver, so we reviewed the top 10 cloud storage options available in 2017.

What is Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is an alternative option for storing documents, photos, and other files. Cloud storage allows you to save and access your files from nearly any location, as long as you can access the internet. From this standpoint that you no longer have to worry about losing files from your computer if you encounter a  virus, natural disaster, or damaged hard drive. By using remote servers outfitted with the best encryption software, your files will always be safe and secure.

How Can a Website Builder and Cloud Storage Work Together?

Let’s face it; cloud storage was not originally developed with website building in mind, but it can be one of the best tools website builders can take advantage of for the additional piece of mind. For instance, owning a server doesn’t necessarily guarantee that you'll be optimally set up or provided with all of the services. For example, the server company that you may be using may not provide backup capabilities for your server. By using cloud storage, you can create the redundancies you need as well as backups for your server and any projects you are working. By choosing a cloud storage company that fits your needs, you can ensure that you are getting the security and safety features that are necessary to keep your business running as smoothly as possible. It also makes it much faster and easier to access any and all of your files from virtually anywhere, as long as you're able to connect to the internet.

How Cloud Storage Can be Used With your Website Server

Cloud storage services can be directly linked to your server very easily. This makes it incredibly easy to automatically back up any projects you are currently working on, as well as creating backups of any websites that you have created that have already gone live. Some things to consider when choosing a cloud storage provider are compatibility with your server, as well as the amount of storage that is available. You’ll want a plan that has enough storage space to back up your entire server in case disaster strikes. One of the biggest fears with website builders who have their own servers is something happening to that server. This could be anything from a simple hard drive failure, virus, or something more severe like a fire or other natural disaster destroying the device. By syncing your server with a cloud storage system, you will always have the backups that you need should you face unfortunate circumstances.

Top 10 Cloud Storage

We’ve made it easy for you to view the 10 best cloud storage providers for website builders right here, as well as providing links for you to see full reviews on each of them. There are different criteria for which they are rated; from technical support and customer service to cloud storage space and features. Take a look at the overall score to get a general idea of what each company is all about, and take a look at the reviews and forum to get more detailed information from actual customers as well as experts in the field about each provider.

What is the Review Process Used to Find the Best Online Storage Companies?

We use a very thorough ten-point system to check the quality of each and every review before we post them onto our website. By using this process, we're able to maintain consistency, helping to ensure that we provide all of our readers with the information that they need to choose the best cloud storage in the most efficient manner possible. In addition to the reviews given by experts in their field, we also have an open forum for any customer who has used the service so that they can provide their own personal review. This not only gives you a look at what is presented from both a technical standpoint and user-friendly guide but also acts as a way to give an entirely unbiased opinion. Also, we have an easy to use comparison tool that helps you look at several different cloud storage providers at the same time. This allows you to see how much space you get for a price, as well as the reliability of the cloud storage company. An overall five star rating, with five being the highest, is used for each cloud storage service, which means a quick glance can give you a general idea of what each company can provide.

Let’s take a closer look at the different categories that are covered in our reviews

Value for your Money

We’ve all heard the phrase “you get what you pay for,” and it’s no different with cloud storage. There are plenty of free cloud storage options, but you won’t get much storage space with these and may miss out on all kinds of great features that can help with website building. And if you choose to sign up for one of the less expensive plans, you may not be getting your money’s worth. When calculating the best value for your budget and projects, you must not only consider how much storage space you are allotted but also take into consideration the company’s reliability and thinks like safety and security as well.

Reliability and Uptime

The uptime and reliability of a company are determined based on statistical data. Most of the time, a cloud storage company will have a 99.9% uptime. It is not uncommon for some companies to fall below this level on occasion, as unexpected circumstances come into play. This is something that should be considered when choosing a cloud storage company, especially when incorporating this data into website building.

Customer Service

If you ever have a problem or need a question answered, it’s imperative that you're able to reach a customer service representative. All cloud storage companies are rated in how quickly someone responds, whether or not a problem was resolved, as well as how fast this was completed, in addition to the helpfulness of the representative. This test is conducted using phone calls as well as with online chats.

Technical Support

Technical support and customer service are often lumped into the same category, but we understand the difference between the two and how important it can be to your site to have the best of both. Technical support is the team you want to talk to when you have a more complex problem and need to speak with someone who knows the ins and outs of the programs and services. These people must not only be knowledgeable and efficient, but friendly and helpful as well.


The number of features offered by any cloud storage company is not as important as the quality of each one. You don’t want to sign up with a company that offers a lot of different features if those features aren’t any use to you. Instead, choose one that focuses on the features you need while still being a good value. Some things that you might want to consider are the ability to change your storage space amount, as well as the encryption software that is used to maintain privacy.

Storage Space

Cloud storage space is one of the most important categories to take into consideration when determining which cloud storage company is the best for your website building needs, especially when considering the value. It’s always better to have more storage space than you think you need, especially when it fits into your budget. Many companies will allow you to move to the next tier if you unexpectedly fill up your current plan, but you may incur extra fees by doing so.

Ease of Use

Cloud storage should not be an overly sophisticated service to use, even if you are not very technically proficient. To determine a service’s ease of use, we evaluate them from both a technical standpoint as well as from that of a general user.

Overall Rating

The overall rating given to each cloud service company is calculated based on the individual scores of the previously mentioned categories. This allows readers to quickly weed out any service that may not fit their needs and can make it simpler to look more closely at a few companies to determine which would be best.