Online File Storage – Its Pros and Cons


The concept of using online file storage solutions has become tremendously popular, especially with individuals and businesses all around the world now terrified of unexpected computer virus attacks and hardware unreliability issues. In fact, these systems are so much in use and demand now that some experts believe that they are the extensions to physical hard drives. Undoubtedly, storing files on the internet has become one of the most simple and convenient methods of keeping critical information safe and always accessible. Depending on their use and demands of computer systems, people can now opt for a combination of physical and online storage systems.

An added advantage of using these systems is that your data will always be available to you, even in the unfortunate event of theft or damage to your computer system. Moreover, you can easily access all your files and folders stored online, regardless of your position on the earth and the system that you use. All one would require is his or her log-in details, and they would immediately see the list of their uploaded files!

Automatic backup of data is one another significant benefit of using online sharing systems. Although the feature has also been provided by some traditional backing software in the past, almost all of them required individual selection of files, and then the process of uploading them followed. However, the service takes place automatically in online systems, with the user only being required to select the desired folders to upload once.

Conventional methods of data storage involved storing information in physical devices such as floppy disks and CD/DVD-ROMs; however, one had to take the responsibility of keeping them safe. Moreover, such features were altogether absent in modern devices, such as netbooks. Online file storage resolves all these issues, providing maximum mobility and freedom to the user. Pricing plans are different for various firms that offer this service, though most of them offer free storage up to 2 GB. Basic plans then begin, followed by heavy usage plans.


The most important thing when considering an online storage provider is security. A provider that does not employ proper security techniques may be prone to hackers’ attacks. Although the same can also be expected for your computer when it is connected to the internet, it is not possible for a hacker to gain access to your physical disks in a remote manner.

Cost is another factor that has to be considered. Providers of online storage offer subscription on a monthly or annual basis, and when accumulated, it only adds up to the cost of the back-up device. You will also be locked out of your account if you lose your log-in details.

Home users or students have a relatively lesser amount of important data to deal with, and can work with the storage provided. Businesses, regardless of their size, will find professional plans useful for them which also combine automated backups. However, before you finalize on any online service, it is important that you do your own research to ascertain your needs and requirements.

What is the most important factor when you're choosing a cloud storage/ online backup provider?