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4Shared is file and cloud storage company that offers its clients a host of benefits. This company began in 2005. It has since provided millions of people with a convenient way for them to share, store and transfer movies, music, videos, games, documents and photos from any system.


The features are some of the best aspects about 4Shared, and here are just a few of the benefits that users will enjoy.

  • 15 GB of free storage or 100 GB with a premium subscription
  • Upload files
  • Store movies, music, videos, photos, documents and more
  • Easily transfer information and share with friends and family
  • Fast download speeds
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Product Philosophy:

Consumers can choose 15 GB of free storage. There are also paid services that provide over 100 GB of storage and a host of other features. Users can access this data from all types of computers, laptops, tablets and mobile devices.


Everyone is concerned about their information on the Internet today. 4Shared maintains the privacy of their users information and works hard to provide security for all their clients. Secure sockets layer (SSL) technology is used to encrypt information and ensure that privacy is maximized. Login pages are secured, and there are no chances of losing data. Anti-virus programs check all files and alert users to viruses lurking in their data. Users will no longer have to worry about checking their favorite downloads for viruses when they rely on 4Shared.


Storage space is variable. Free storage is one option that appeals to everyone. 4Shared will provide 10 GB of free storage to anyone. This comes with a maximum file size of 2048 MB. Premium subscribers will be able to keep 100 GB of data on 4Shared’s secure servers. File sizes can be up to 5 GB in size, and there are a host of other features that are found with the premium subscription.

Ease Of Use:

Users will also benefit from how easy it is to use 4Shared. Logging in is the only requirement. There are direct links that allow files to easily be downloaded and stored. Transfers will automatically resume if they have been interrupted. A variety of different views are offered, and backgrounds can be customized to suit anyone. Files are anonymously uploaded, and users can upload more than one file at a time. Files are also easy to share with anyone. They can be e-mailed or kept in folders that are accessible on multiple levels. All that needs to be done is provide friends and families links, and you can share photos, videos and documents with anyone you wish.


Subscribers and free users will not have to worry about any technical issues either. Experienced technical advisers are available 24 hours a day and are prepared to answer any question. Online support and phone technicians ensure that anyone can get the help they need.
4Shared offers cloud storage and provides computer users with several valuable features. Clients can keep up to 100 MB of data and share it with their friends and families. Files are fast to upload. 4Shared is easy to use and offers full time technical support.

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