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ADrive is looking to revolutionize the way people use cloud storage and is trying their best to make it more acceptable to the masses. They are achieving this by offering 50 GB of storage absolutely free to any customer that wants it, and a free two week trial on any of their package options so that you can see what they are all about.


  • Free Two Week Trial on All Package Options
  • 50 GB of Space Free
  • Easy File Recovery
  • Support Available 24/7
  • Easy To Use


Product Philosophy:

ADrive is an ideal solution for businesses that are transitioning over to cloud storage from a more traditional option. They are fast and easy to use, and have a variety of features that some other companies only dream of being able to offer. The free trial is a great way to start getting used to the new system without making any kind of commitment.


All files are automatically encrypted using VPN encryption technology, redundancy, and several other security options as well. All of this can be found and utilized when using the regular cloud storage option. If you are looking for a more personal and private solution to cloud storage, consider one of the enterprise accounts, which grant you access to your own personal servers which are connected with secure fiber optic lines.


The free fifty gigabytes of storage that is offered is some of the most generous that you will find in the world of cloud storage. Most companies are only able to offer a fraction of that for free, and some others charge for even that small of an amount. You can also receive the same amount with a full set of features and no annoying advertisements for less than £7 a month. For an even bigger discount, consider signing up for a full year of service and receive two month free. When you add in the free two week trial, this is one of the best deals around.

Ease Of Use:

The ADrive program is run on a platform and control panel that uses methods that are familiar to large numbers of people, even if they have never used any type of cloud storage before. Click on the files you want to save. Select whether or not you would like them to be encrypted, or enable any file sharing options you would like. Download directly from the website by clicking on a button. Access all of your account information, including a file history, by creating your own unique username and password.


ADrive makes it very easy to contact them for help that cannot otherwise be found in the massive amount of files and data that has been compiled on their website. They also want to make sure that all of their users remain up to date on any changes that have been made to the program via updates, and posts all of this information on the Community section of their website.

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