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Amazon S3 provides a simple interface that enables the user to access files and data from any location, at any time, and allows them to keep the hard drive and servers they have at their location free to store other files. Amazon is the most trusted name in the cloud storage industry. Using their AWS Simple Monthly Calculator, you can find prices lower than what you might expect coming from such a recognized company. You can also tested out Amazon S3 with the 5GB of storage that they provide for free to all new customers.


  • Easy to sign up
  • Pay for what you use only
  • Store up to 5 TB files
  • Simplicity is enhanced
  • Strong security measures
  • The most reliable


Product Philosophy:

Amazon provided the first services associated with what we now know as cloud computing, and it has only improved since its inception five short years ago. They have some of the best prices around and allow you to pay for only what you use rather than a bunch of wasted space.


Since Amazon S3 employs strict security guidelines, only object owners and bucket owners can access the files at any given time. This automatically makes it more secure than some other companies. IAM’s and ACL’s help you to limit who has access to what data. You also have the option of downloading additional encryption software via the Amazon S3 Encryption Client for you data for a little added protection aside from the other security measure they already put into place.


The amount of storage space you choose really relies on how big your budget is. While there is never any charge to transfer data into the cloud, the price for each gigabyte you transfer out lowers. The most that it will be without contacting Amazon directly is £.05 per gig up to 525 terabytes. While this may not seem like all that much money you have to stop and think about how much space that is. Most small companies will probably require a much smaller amount of space, which may end up costing slightly more. Think of it as a bulk discount.

Ease Of Use:

Amazon is a very famous internet related company, and Amazon S3 is no different. They are no strangers to what makes for the easiest to use products and websites and keep a very orderly site and accounts page. The entire service is dedicated to making things run a little more smoothly for your business, and it all starts with the website.


Amazon keeps a large customer service staff on the clock at all times. They want to make sure they can provide everyone one of their customers with the best customer support at any time that it is needed. Their online chat feature is exceedingly popular, and the number of languages that are spoken in this department is very impressive.

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