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  • PC Compatible
  • Mac Compatible
  • Linux Compatible
  • 24/7 Support
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BackBlaze is a professional cloud storage company that offers secure and continuous backup services. Not only can you backup all of your files online, but they also offer the option to restore from a USB drive or a DVD that the company can send to you. This makes BackBlaze a perfect choice to integrate into any company data recovery procedure.


  • Safe and Secure Backup
  • Top Speed in Cloud Storage Backup
  • Continuous System Backup
  • Large File Capability
  • File Versioning
  • DVD and USB Backups if Needed
  • £5 Per Month Unlimited Cloud Storage
  • Windows and Mac


Product Philosophy:

BackBlaze has focused on speed and by doing so, are able to give their customers a way to quickly backup files without draining local resources. This means that even home users can continue working without their computer slowing down as BackBlaze works in the background to upload files to the cloud. This is an area of service where BackBlaze moves ahead of their competition as other cloud storage companies use local system resources when backing up files. The incremental saving technique and compression software are two of the ways that BackBlaze works behind the scenes so you never notice a slowdown in resources.


BackBlaze handles your files securely in transit and while in storage. This cloud storage provider also keeps your important files secure from physical theft with their locate computer feature. If you laptop or computer are stolen, the locate computer feature can track your property with satellites so that the authorities can recover it easier. This is one feature that other cloud companies should add to their product lineup.


The BackBlaze Business package gives unlimited storage for only £50 per computer a year. This makes it one of the more economical cloud storage companies for the business user. Business users get the same great features that personal users get like, unlimited storage and continuous protection. A feature of the business plan that makes it so enticing is simple deployment. This feature lets business users install the BackBlaze software on their system and from that point will backup all data. That means that employees simply have to enter their email and a password to protect files on their laptops or computers at the office.

Ease Of Use:

Continuous data protection is vital in business and BackBlaze has the easiest cloud storage solution on the market. With unlimited storage, BackBlaze gives users a click and forget method to protecting their valuable system data. BackBlaze also has the easiest billing methods because of their per computer pricing and unlimited storage. Business owners and managers won’t ever have to worry about an employee exceeding limits and being charged extra.


Customer support is minimal, but there is very little that isn’t automatic with BackBlaze. This minimizes the amount of possible problems to come up. In the unlikely event that there is a problem, customer service can be reached through the customer support interface on the BackBlaze website. It normally takes around one business day to get an answer.

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