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Backupify, a cloud based backup, restore and archiving service, provides state of the art products while presenting simple and automated user tools. The service, which started in 2008, specializes in providing data backup of Google Apps and other noteworthy online social media platforms. Its aim to give users and IT staffs the ability to backup their files, photos, emails and data streams in an effort to protect valuable company and social media assets. As of this writing the company states it has secured more than 350 million documents, 1.2 billion emails, and 200 Terabytes of data for over 3000 companies.


Backupify Product Features:


  • Google Domain Backup
  • Automated backups of Google Apps
  • Centralized Data Management
  • Cloud Storage
  • Data Retention
  • Search Capability
  • Account Export
  • Local Downloads
  • One-Click Restore


Product Philosophy:

The product was created around the concept that all data, whether it resides on your in-house computers and servers or in the cloud, is important and should be protected. Backupify has managed to create a product that is easy for individual users, and at the same time powerful enough for IT staffs to embrace as a new tool for data management. If you have ever lost data, and had to rely on IT to restore your data in time to reach a critical deadline, you will love this service. It comes in two flavors, one specifically for Google, and the other for other social media and workgroup platforms.


Backupify product allows you to backup your complete Gmail, Google Docs, Google Sites, Google Calendar, and Google Contacts data. Backupify provided many additional features like a centralized management console perfect for IT support staff. It allows them to search archives for specific information and to check for company and government policy compliance. Also provided is the ability to export complete Google accounts and generate local data transfers to desktop PCs. For the individual user the one-click feature alone is worth its weight in gold. Individual users can restore deleted files themselves without IT intervention.


Data backups come via Amazon’s S3 storage technology with data transferred over encrypted channels and files also stored using high level data encryption. The company offers data plans ranging from 1 to 50 gigabytes of data storage along with the highly scalable and 99% uptime platform. Additional storage is available upon request.

Ease Of Use:

The Backupify service is also available for other social media and data sharing platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Zoho, Picasa, and LinkedIn. While these offerings are not as robust as the Google offering they still provide backup of important profile and data stored on these services.


The service uses a very simple and intuitive interface that allows complete control of data archives and backup processes. When needed, the user can view videos that cover specific features in greater detail. They also provide tech support via web, phone and email.

Backupify has gone a long way in providing a service for the new way that companies use and store data.

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