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Centrally manage multiple platforms on complex or simple clusters across various infrastructures.

Cartika is a cloud server management and cloud hosting company that delivers the best in cloud service features and products. Cartika covers multiple cloud server solutions for every business need. The Cartika configure and buy option is an al a carte selection of additional features that can be added per need. Cartika presents as a very professional cloud computing company that is geared towards the corporate world and those that are heavily technical and looking for advanced cloud computing solutions.


  • Data Centers in Canada and the US
  • Multiple Petrabyte Seamless Handling
  • Linux Capable
  • Add on Options that Add Value
  • Home Cloud Solutions and Business Cloud Solutions
  • Exchange Service Offered
  • Three Layer Approach to Cloud Computing
  • Ten Years of Experience in the Industry
  • Fluidity for Your Cloud Computing Model
  • Unlimited R1Soft CDP License for all Customers.


Product Philosophy:

Since 2000, Cartika has provided companies with secure, easy and reliable cloud services as a management team and also as a provider of self-managed cloud solutions. Cartika offers several products which include Exchange, IaaS, Public Cloud, VPS Servers and Web Hosting. Their cloud based exchange hosting has been rated as one of the best in the US and Canada and has a true uptime of 99.9%. Clustered cloud hosting is one of Cartik’s specialties. They offer shared hosting from a minimum spread over seven virtual servers and they also provide VPS servers that support Windows and Linux.


Depending on which cloud hosting or cloud computing solution you decide upon, customers can improve on the already strong security with hardware firewalls available for lease by Cartika. Advanced cloud users that need SSH or root access to their cloud server, this company also can setup a secure VPN for access. Cartika also provides Microsoft Forefront AV and IDS fore free to Microsoft Cloud Server customers.


Cartika offers a number of different programs in which to get cloud hosting or cloud computing services. They offer clustered hosting, managed hosting, secure hosting and application hosting. Their professional attitude and reputation for excellence within the business community comes from their ability to find the right solution for each type of business.

Ease Of Use:

Depending on the program you go with; Cartika is one of the more technically advanced and thus more difficult to use for the non-technical person. Businesses that opt for managed hosting and application hosting will pay a little more, but will have their cloud infrastructure being managed by the best in the business for impressive cloud business solutions.


Getting to speak to a real person at Cartika when you need technical support isn’t ever a problem. They have an around the clock technical team reachable by phone, live support, ticket system or by toll free phone.

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