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Druva is a cloud storage company that is known for its top class solutions for data protection. With more than four years in business, the company’s clientele base continues to grow globally in a bid to meet the data storage needs of many organizations worldwide. With the internet leaving many firms vulnerable to data loss, it only makes sense to secure the all-important company records and information with Druva. With offices in the US, India and UK, Druva thrives on a unique and focused approach in trying to meet its client’s needs.


  • Immense savings of up to 90 percent on storage and bandwidth. This is due to the data de-duplication feature which secures data by backing up only a single copy for many users thereby liberating bandwidth and space for storage. This in turn makes the backups faster.
  • The product offers backups irrespective of the network, be it WAN, VPN or LAN.
  • Integrated features to enhance your data security, such as data encryption, remote delete and geo-location.
  • Instant access of data across the internet from your browser or Smartphone.
  • Druva inSync has both inSync cloud and SafePoint products. The former is a private, Amazon powered virtual cloud product which offers laptop backups while the latter prevents data loss emanating from theft.


Features of Druva Phoenix

  • It saves more bandwidth, backup time and storage space (up to 90 percent). This is because of the single copy duplication.
  • Instant restoration of data in case it is lost. Moreover, one can access the data from whichever point.
  • Remote back-ups that are highly optimized through the WAN network.


Product Philosophy:

Druva approaches its product development with a solution mindset. After studying and understanding the problems associated with laptop backups and other integrated legacy devices, Druva came up with two lines of products, namely Phoenix and inSync for server and laptop backups respectively. The technologies embedded in these products ensure that clients get unparalleled data protection for their companies and organizations.

Druva inSync is the oldest of the two product streams. The product relies mainly on de-duplication of data in offering laptop backup for offices and even individuals.

Druva Phoenix on the other hand is relatively new as compared to inSync. The product caters mainly for remote offices and micro-servers by offering disk-to-disk data backup.


If there is one company that can put all your worries to rest as far as the data of your company is concerned, then Druva is the company to go for. With Druva inSync SafePoint, one does not have to bother themselves with what will happen should their laptops be stolen. Laptops easily get lost or stolen and the inSync SafePoint comes in as an additional module of Druva inSync to offer maximum security for your data.

Ease Of Use:

Druva provides the tools and features that business class and private users want in their cloud storage provider. Druva has a robust amount of features that are all designed to be easy to use at whatever technical level the user belongs to.


Druva products are very sophisticated and yet very user friendly. And if you do not understand anything, or encounter any difficulty, there is always a 24/7 help center to respond to your issues

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