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File Stork is an add-on program that you are eligible for if you currently have an account through the cloud storage company Dropbox.  File Stork is a brand new way to store and share files even easier than by just using Dropbox, and is a much faster option too.


  • Drag and Drop to Save
  • Attaches easily to your Dropbox Account
  • Files are Instantly Available Online
  • Safe and Secure
  • Makes File Management Easier


Product Philosophy:

Dropbox has adopted a much faster method to file sharing in the form of File Stork.  This program automatically updates your file stash and allows your files to be viewed instantly over the internet.  If you are collaborating on a project and the other members of your team are in a different physical location than yourself, File Stork is the best way for everyone to work on it and add your different touches very quickly.  It is a much more manageable way to work with people from all over the globe.


To help keep everything that you already have in your Dropbox account safe, File Stork uses a program called OAuth to perform secure authorization prior to allowing you access to your files.  Once you have been cleared as an authorized user, you are free to move files at your leisure.


FileStork doesn’t have their own amount of storage space available.  They are simply an addition that you can attach to the storage space you are already receiving through your DropBox account.  The two are completely compatible with each other.  Once you start using File Stork, don’t be surprised if you have to increase the amount of storage space from what you are currently using.

Ease Of Use:

File sharing and cloud storage were made for each other, and File Stork shows you just how true this is.  It doesn’t matter how easy you think Dropbox is to use; File Stork is even simpler.  There aren’t any extra little steps to make your files available online.  Simply drag as many files as you like over to the File Stork software, drop them, and you are done!  You aren’t limited to one file at a time either.  Move one or two, or one or two dozen in a matter of minutes.


Dropbox has an amazing customer support team that have proven themselves time and time again with how knowledgeable they are about the product and services that they offer.  Now that File Stork has been added, there is no doubt that they will maintain their reputation. They have tried to make it as easy as they possibly can for you to contact them if needed.  They use their office hours to answer your questions and solve your problems through email as well as over the phone, and have an extensive database of information for you to browse to help you solve problems or simply gain more information on how to get the most out of your account.

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