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Access Files Anywhere with Google Drive

Google Drive takes everything wonderful about the web-based application and transforms it into something even better. The scope of Google Drive has evolved to include impressive file storage and a syncing system to rival programs like Dropbox and SugarSync. Users can create an account for free and begin sharing and working on projects immediately. Files can be uploaded straight to the site from a local drive or created from scratch on the platform. From there they can be shared according to various permission settings with friends, coworkers or collaborators. Google Drive can even be synced with a folder on a local hard drive to mirror any changes, additions or deletions within that folder. Anything that happens in the synced local folder will happen simultaneously in the cloud folder. Adding more space is also easy.


  • Up to 15 GB of free storage space to start but more can be purchased
  • Files kept in cloud storage can be accessed by anyone with permission
  • Create new documents from within the application
  • Edit documents in real time with multiple collaborators
  • Export files from Google Drive in a variety of standardized formats

Product Philosophy:

The guiding premise behind the idea of Google Drive is the ability to work on collaborative projects without being restricted by geography. Copywriters in New York can work in tandem with editors in Los Angeles on the very same documents at the exact same times. It provides a way to store files securely in a central location while still being able to access them anywhere around the world. Even in absence of a computer, Google Drive files can be accessed, edited and downloaded directly from a smartphone or tablet. One can download an important presentation straight from their mobile device en route to an important meeting. In the modern, fast paced world of the 21st century, this kind of unbridled access to cloud storage can be a life saver.


Security with Google Drive really isn’t a serious issue. Those who feel comfortable using Google’s other services and understanding their privacy policy will find nothing different here. The only people who have access to the files and folders in cloud storage are those who are explicitly granted permission by the file’s creator.


15 GB is free and then other storage sizes are available at a premium.  If you need more than 15 GB, Google Drive offers 100GB for $4.99 a month, 200 GB at $9.99 month and up to 16 TB for $799.99 a month.

Ease of Use:

Google has been a pioneer in streamlining their services to make them more familiar in order to create a singular all-encompassing experience for the end user. The developers of Google Drive opted for a blissfully simple design, in keeping with their other products, that makes navigation of the application fast, easy and stress-free. Sifting through folders is a snap. The breadcrumb addition makes finding your way back to a previous folder a cinch.


The help section is exquisite. There are a myriad of helpful topics on hand to choose from, as well as support forums, video tutorials, service status information and helpful blog articles.

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