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Why Google Online Backup Review

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Backing up your most important business files and data are vital to any business regardless of the industry or level. It ensures that you have these important data within reach whenever you will need it in the near future. A lot of backup solutions are available today, including CD and external drives. However, these forms of backup solutions tend to be less effective for lifelong storage as it has certain capacities and is quite expensive in the long run.

Online backup solutions are now booming in popularity and recognition to millions of businesses worldwide. This is mainly due to the fact that this form of storage is cheaper and can provide unlimited backup capabilities easily exceeding that of physical storage or hardware solutions.


Basically, Google offers two online backup solutions for use by offices and businesses – Gmail and Google Docs. Most people may not realize that the storage capacity provided from Gmail can be optioned for upgrades if needed by the user.


  • One strong point of both Google online backup options is their price point. Google offers up to 20GB of backup space for a low $5 a year or can even be upgraded to 1TB for $256 per year.
  • Storing through Google’s database also enables businesses to search for any file or document in their Gmail account easily and conveniently. This condenses your data into one place that provides you with everything you need.
  • Though Google hasn’t thrown in any additional features, such as sync or electronic backups, the storage itself is quite simple and ideal for people who are really in need of solid backup space and nothing more.


Product Philosophy:

Google online backup is one of the simplest and inexpensive online backup service plans available today. You’d think that with such a colossal and popular developer such as Google, the software will be expensive, yet surprisingly it is highly competitive with other online backup plans and services.


In terms of security, it’s quite given that you’re choosing to store your most important and sensitive data into one of the internet’s most powerful and largest service provider. With huge networks worldwide, Google makes sure that each and every client’s data is safely and securely backed up into their database and that it is given access only to authorized people.


For storage space, Google Docs offers free 1G storage space for files that are not converted into Google Doc format. Clients will be offered with an option to upgrade their account with 1GB per $.25 for each year. The plan will include features, such as an easy search function that enables users to find their uploaded document files as well as the ability to preview common document file types. Clients who opt for the Premier Edition of Google Apps are allowed to upload multiple documents at once and synchronize them with their desktop in real time with the use of third party applications.

Ease Of Use:

In terms of ease of usage, Google has trimmed down their backup plans and service features into simple and easy to use applications. Customer support service is also reliable and quick to response for the needs and inquiries of thousands of Google’s clients.


Help and support is somewhat limited at the free service level, but business class customers and upgraded accounts get a full range of real-person technical support.

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