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IBackup offers ton’s of value in backup online services.

Small to medium sized businesses seeking solutions for professional cloud storage will find that IBackup offers the most value. This company offers the same security, reliability and online backup services that Fortune 500 companies rely on for their cloud services. IBackup leads the field of online backup and general cloud services with their innovation in products and services. Based out of Calabasas, California, IBackup has received high praise from CNET and PCWorld and was named PC Magazine’s Editor’s Choice for cloud hosting and online backup services.


  • Fast and reliable browser-based account access with the ease of use of drag and drop file moving.
  • Oracle Server, MS SQL and Exchange Server backup capabilities over multiple platforms.
  • Disaster Recovery solutions for small to medium sized businesses.
  • Multiple storage space plans with competitive yearly rates.
  • Offers the creation of sub-accounts for more refined data management.
  • IBackup offers over ten products for cloud data management, including an iPhone application.
  • Historical backups (up to thirty previous versions) are stored for free.
  • On Demand Storage for all Accounts


Product Philosophy:

IBackup brings enterprise-class online backup, the same as used in large corporations, to medium sized and small sized businesses. IBackup takes everything that is good about online backup and online storage for larger companies and brings it to the world of small business for reduced cost, but not reduced quality of service. In fact, the same services that are available to Fortune 500 companies for protection of data and data recovery are exactly what IBackup provides to smaller businesses. IBackup is entirely committed to the protection of their clients’ data.


As part of their mission statement, IBackup promises secure cloud hosting and online backup services. This company has a proven commitment to ensuring the protection of client data by offering numerous security features. IBackup not only offers a high level of redundancy, but they also monitor their network around the clock. This kind of commitment to protecting their clients from network attacks and data loss makes IBackup an excellent choice for security minded business owners.


IBackup has a number of reasonably priced storage space plans available. They also offer annual or monthly backup service plans. The storage space offerings by IBackup allow smaller and medium sized businesses to start off with exactly the amount of storage space they need while also making it possible to expand incrementally into the future. Their lowest amount of storage is 10 GB and they offer up to 300 GB plans with additional pricing for as needed storage above that amount

Ease Of Use:

Signing up with IBackup to daily use of services, this cloud hosting company is one of the easiest to work with. They offer innovative features and products that are all geared to making the customer’s experience one of serenity, efficiency and value


IBackup offers live chat support, email support and toll free phone support.

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