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The Only Cloud Built for Serious Businesses

INetU has two different types of clouds available for your security level needs. Both clouds have many different options to choose from to best fit your company needs. It is easy to choose just the options you need to create a custom package just for you. All clouds are not created equally and iNetU certainly proves that with their excellence in quality and service.


  • Choose a Private Cloud or a Gated Community
  • Add servers quickly and easily
  • Fully managed clouds for you
  • PCI Compliant


Product Philosophy:

INetU strives to help create organization out of the chaos that has been known to happen in some clouds. They provide cost-effective services to help make any business cloud-compatible, as they understand the importance of keeping up with the latest in technology and business.


INetU has two different cloud options available, and each has their own level of security. The Gated Community cloud has some of the security features of a private cloud with more availability, but not to the extent of a public cloud. You will share this space with other businesses in the same field as you, but you can rest assured that your files will not be stored in the same place as your virtual servers, protecting it from potential corruption.

Private Clouds are just for you and your company, and are not shared with any other type of business. You have the ability to activate or deactivate any resource at any time, to enable you to have the smoothest running business possible. The integrity of the private clouds is as high as it gets, and it is guaranteed to never fail you.


The amount of storage space you choose depends on which cloud option you have selected. Gated Community clouds offer less storage space, but you will only have to pay for what you use since you share the space. Private Clouds offer unlimited storage space, but you have to pay for all of it, even if it is not currently being used.

Ease Of Use:

The cloud hosting services offered makes INetU extremely easy to use for everyone and every business. They understand the importance of running a business smoothly, so let them do the hosting for you so that you can maintain your focus elsewhere.


INetU provides you with several different ways to contact them for support. They have a toll free number, ideal for out-of-state or out-of-the-country clients, as well as a direct line, which may require you to pay long distance charges. There is also an email address which is perfect when you are too busy to make a phone call or just have a quick question that does not require an immediate response. They have several different locations, including an international one, which means that you will always be able to get a hold of somebody, somewhere.

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