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KeepIt doesn’t just protect your data, it protects your business.

KeepIt has the approach of protecting your business by offering cloud hosting backups and targeting businesses that are relying on outdated backup solutions. In companies all across the world, IT departments still rely on antiquated tape backups to safeguard their data. Those tapes are then transferred to a third party service that takes them off site and stores them until the company needs to do a restore. KeepIt wants to change that with their cloud backup solutions.


  • Automatic backups are made each day
  • Multiple users are easily managed
  • Sixty day backup versioning
  • Data is replicated over separate physical locations which is ideal for Disaster Recovery Plans
  • 256 bit encryption
  • A simple and secure process for recovering files
  • Unlimited storage space for Home Plans
  • Web based control panel


Product Philosophy:

KeepIt offers business plan solutions as well as home plans. Their business plans for desktops start at £14.95 a month and their server plans start at £49.00 a month. The unlimited KeepIt Home Plan is ideal for home users and small businesses that want to protect their important customer data, financial data or just music and movies. KeepIt has put a great amount of emphasis on their unlimited backup plan as most of their competition does not offer the same feature. It is also important to keep in mind that KeepIt does not put a limitation on the size of files


KeepIt uses the top rated 256 bit Rijndael encryption method. This encryption algorithm was originally designed to replace the DES algorithm. Rijndael is a block cipher and in the case of KeepIt, uses 256 bit keys. Rijndael, mostly known as Advanced Encryption Standard, is generally not a selling point as it is the standard with most services.


KeepIt Unlimited, as the name suggests, gives customers unlimited backups for only £4.95 a month. The unlimited storage plan may also be purchased in twenty-four month or twelve month increments

Ease Of Use:

Signing up with KeepIt is incredibly simple. Working with their program could be made a lot easier with mobile phone access through a supporting app however; such an app is not available at this time. The KeepIt software just requires you to select the files you want backed up and it does the rest


If you are in need of extensive customer service then you should be warned that getting hold of someone at KeepIt support could take up to 24 hours. They offer a number of support guides on their website, but their hours of 9 am to 5 pm CET might make it difficult for some companies to get the support that they require. KeepIt only offers their customers phone and email support. Live chat for support has become a standard in this field and the fact that KeepIt does not offer it could easily be seen as a glaring negative

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