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Notice: Site has been shut down and their domain has been seized by an order for U.S. District Court.

Although once known to be among the leaders in this category, Megaupload has been losing its grip on its market share with the launch of recent services. Launched more than six years ago, Megaupload has been going on for a long time now. However, with new and trendier providers now coming in the scene, not many seem to prefer the former of late. Users of Megaupload have found better choices, and rightly so.


Some useful and exciting features of Megaupload are:

  • Large file size – Megaupload allows users to upload files of large sizes. Interestingly, it was also one of the first companies to introduce this concept.
  • File sharing – Megaupload also allows users to share their files online with other users. Files can be uploaded, and public links can be sent to people who wish to download these files.
  • Various payment plans – In contrast to most other providers who usually offer only one plan, Megaupload offers three different plans to its users to choose from.
  • Support for interrupted file transfers – As a premium member of the service from Megaupload, users can request access support in case of interrupted file transfers.
  • Reward programs


Product Philosophy:

Megaupload was launched in March 2005, and witnessed a consistent growth in its popularity for a little more than five years. Online file sharing was not very popular then, and Megaupload, along with a few other companies, was a pioneer in the field. Large files could be easily downloaded or shared using the website’s links. However, as of Jan 2012, FBI shut down the services of the website claiming that it was guilty for copyright infringement.


Security features at Megaupload are average rated, with no special or advanced systems being used for file protection. Moreover, the website also does not verify if the files being downloaded are safe from viruses. Users can; however, choose to password protect their files before uploading them.


Megaupload offers up to 2 GB storage free to its users. This is not something very attractive, since almost all other providers offer nearly the same. Pricing structure is not very economical too, and this leaves users to consider other choices. Lack of resume of uninterrupted downloads and huge waiting times are some major disadvantages of considering free services from

Ease Of Use:

The user interface provided by Megaupload is simple, and therefore not much of a fuss. Emphasis has been laid on making simple tasks more accessible, and therefore file transfer features such as uploading or downloading of files can be done quickly. There is also a toolbar that allows quick and easy upload of your desired files. However, the lack of attractive features and an attractive interface design only give an average look to the application. Nevertheless, the site is has a vibrant orange theme and looks refreshing.


In view of the huge user base Megaupload has, their customer support is only slightly impressing. Support tickets can be submitted via the website in case you desire any help on using their services.

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