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Why Microsoft Skydrive Review

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Looking back at the reason why Microsoft became number one was because they created software that was simple and user friendly. When you think about it, the Start button set the whole Internet revolution in motion. Once you pushed the start button, you were then able to navigate a wide range of files and access the Internet.


  • The system lets you backup databases frequently. This is important for applications that are updated daily. If you lose something, it’s much easier just to go back to the previous day and start from there instead of trying to sift through weeks of data to find out where you left off.
  • The system will compress your files to save space. Microsoft gives you a table that shows the average compression rate. For example, the compression rate for Word is 80%. As well, it is also 80% for Quick Books.
  • Another important feature is that your computer speed will only be marginally affected. There is nothing more frustrating than working on a slow computer.


Product Philosophy:

This same simple, user friendly philosophy is applied in Microsoft’s SkyDrive application. Most of us have experienced losing a file or working on a file and suddenly it became corrupted. Or we just lost a beautiful photo that we were trying to save. We wished we had saved it.

Microsoft’s SkyDrive works on all operating systems that have a Java platform, on Mac OS and Linux. Again, it’s simple. Sign up, choose the files you want to backup and let Microsoft do the rest. There service is free and is similar to Google Docs. The program will backup digital photos, digital music, word documents excel, and PowerPoint.

You are in control. You choose your backup files. To do this you need to analyze which files are critical. These are the ones you will start with.


Your privacy is important. To ensure privacy, the program gives you a special encryption key. This key is the only access to your program. In addition, Microsoft pledges that they will never divulge any of your information.


You have 25 GB of storage with SkyDrive and Microsoft Office programs get unlimited storage.

Ease Of Use:

With this program you can view your data online. In addition, Microsoft will send you emails on your program. Now, a question that is asked with obviously high frequency is ‘What happens if my computer crashes for good?’ In that case, you need to replace the computer, but the SkyDrive program has a feature that lets you reboot all of your previous data.


As with most Microsoft programs you will receive 24/7 support. This is critical in most online businesses. You simply can’t wait for support only during certain times. The Internet is worldwide and you must be able to get support anywhere in world.

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