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  • PC Compatible
  • Mac Compatible
  • Linux Compatible
  • 24/7 Support
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With free and low cost packages, MiMedia is all about you. Pictures, media, private e-mails, and more are effortlessly saved and shared. Backing up to the “cloud” is always secure with their up-to-date Internet technology. Streaming back from MiMedia brings your media to the screen on demand. Saving files to the cloud is not only safe, storage capacity is greater than a normal computer user could afford with normal hardware.


  • Effortless file sharing with one click
  • Online access from any computer or device
  • Music player and library accessibility from anywhere
  • A mobile device application
  • Free shuttle drive via mail for initial backup
  • Real time background backup
  • Simple desktop notifications
  • Multiple Tier 1 data storage centers for maximum security



With over 200 million files securely stored to date, MiMedia is not an obscure start-up. MiMedia’s reputation is growing fast. Reports in USA Today and the New York Times puts them in the top tier of online storage service choices. PC World, C-Net, and PC Magazine have reviewed the service with positive results. There is no low-cost online cloud storage service to equal MiMedia, and free forever makes this choice a winner you are sure to upgrade.

Product Philosophy:

MiMedia’s product philosophy is simple; customer service and satisfaction comes first. Founders Erik Zamkoff, Chris Giordano, and Fred Clark have brought together a committed team. Their dedication to service has proven a business success.


Calling it the “bottom line,” security of your data is MiMedia’s highest priority. Accidents, theft, hardware failures, and software problems can mean the loss of precious memories and work time. The highest security is achieved by several data centers that create multiple backups to NSA level encryption standards. Secure files are easily recalled when needed.


Seven gigabytes (GB) of storage comes with the free package. With media steaming and file sharing, users enjoy the same security and utility of high priced cloud services — no credit card required. That much storage is enough for 1000 songs, 7000 documents, 1400 photos, 140 videos, and more. If you need more, there is the Premium 250 GB package at £9.99 a month that backs-up “your entire digital life

Ease Of Use:

After a simple download, backing up securely to the cloud has never been easier. Inherently designed for simplicity does not mean low tech. The clear dashboard interface is intuitive. You get what you want in a few clicks. Accessing from other computers and mobile devices through MiMedia’s website brings your media alive wherever you are. The goal is simple; you should not need to study and learn a new program. You want the quick and easy access MiMedia delivers.


The weakest link with other cloud storage companies is customer service. Unresponsive tech support and live robot responses are frustrating. Sifting through FAQs and not getting an answer is worse. MiMedia is committed to customer service with live help, data base search, active e-mail, and in-house mail. Instant answers come for common problems, and the more complicated issues get human attention.

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