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Mozy Stash is new program that was developed to work either with your existing Mozy account, or as a separate piece of software.  It synchronizes everything that is in your account and makes it even more readily available without requiring you to make any additional steps.  This is a great time saver for those who are too busy and need shortcuts.


  • Stash Folder Automatically Uploads
  • May Be Used With or Without Your Mozy Account
  • Mobile Accessible
  • Same Great Security as Mozy and MozyHome
  • Free Trial Available


Product Philosophy:

Mozy Stash will automatically upload anything put into your Stash folder so that it can be viewed online.  This means you don’t have to save, click upload, then wait for it to finish before it can be viewed.  Your Mozy Stash folder and your cloud storage are virtually one in the same!  Mozy was created to fulfill a large request for a simple and easy cloud storage solution that would work for single persons or families, smaller businesses as well as larger corporations.  In addition, one of their goals was to keep all of the great features that were already well known intact and keeping security standards as they were as well.


MozyStash uses all of the same great security features that you have enjoyed with your Mozy and MozyHome account.  That means the 128-bit encryption is still applied, as are the climate controlled data centers and personal encryption keys.  Everything is updated automatically, and you can add additional backup times if you so desire.


MozyStash works as an additional way to use the existing cloud storage account that you have with Mozy.  It doesn’t matter if you have signed up for the fifty or 100 gigabyte account, or even the 2 gig free one; whatever space is attached with your Mozy account is what you get with MozyStash.  If you have an existing account but are finding that you no longer have enough room what with MozyStash becoming available, and then contact a representative to see about upgrading your account.

Ease Of Use:

You just can’t get any easier than MozyStash.  Installing the program is an absolute cinch, and there’s not really any setup to do.  If you are already a subscriber to another Mozy service, there is even less setup involved.  Once you have the software downloaded, and an account set up, everything else is automatic.


The customer support that you will get is the same exact one you get with other Mozy accounts.  This includes everything from an email address, where you will get a response generally within twenty four hours, as well as a ton of frequently asked questions.  Most of these questions may seem like common knowledge, but you will be pleasantly surprised how much new information you can get from this site.  You can also call up a representative and speak to a live person, if you prefer that method of customer service support.

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