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  • PC Compatible
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SafeCopy provides cloud hosting that has the ability to grow with your business and company. This means you are never stuck with paying too much for space you’ll never use or get stuck with outrageous charges for going over the space you were allotted. Cloud hosting is supposed to be very flexible, and flexibility is one of SafeCopy’s proudest accomplishments.


  • Free Lifetime Account
  • Secure Access
  • More than 10 different Languages Available
  • Compatible with mobile devices including iOS and Android


Product Philosophy:

SafeCopy maintains a secure atmosphere for all of your cloud hosting needs. They are very flexible in the products and services that they offer and have something for every small business, large corporation and everywhere in between. The one account for all computers philosophy can be tested using their free lifetime account which includes 3GB of free backup. The best way to test out a service is hands on and SafeCopy gives you that opportunity for as long as you like. SafeCopy stands apart from the competition by offering the fastest realtime backup with their TurboUpload feature, plus you also get unlimited versioning.


The servers that SafeCopy uses are encrypted with military-grade encryption redundancy services making it one of the most secure services you could use. This is a much more reliable method of file storing than the more traditional hard drive. Hard drives are more susceptible to corruption and damage happening to them.


SafeCopy operates by offering a product that grows and shrinks with your company as needed. This means that no matter how good business is you will always have storage space available for your files. No longer worry about paying way too much for a whole bunch of empty space you aren’t using. You also won’t have to worry about opening your bill every month and seeing some surprises from charges for going over your monthly allotment.

Ease Of Use:

Since SafeCopy is compatible with just about any mobile device it is one of the easiest products to use to date. The applications that have been developed to work with Apple and Android devices rarely have any glitches and make it super simple to view your files absolutely anywhere without the need of a laptop or desktop computer. Many other cloud computing services charge extra for using mobile devices, but SafeCopy isn’t one of them.


The support that you are able to view on the website seems a little sparse at first glance, but there is a reason for that. The FAQ’s really do solve many of the problems that people have experienced, and with the use of a personal account you can get much more specialized help and services. It is important to make sure you download the right software for the system that you use; although it may seem like something basic it is a problem that occurs quite often.

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