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Softlayer is a technical cloud service provider for cloud computing and their registered CloudLayer technology. This service provider delivers cloud solutions that are easy to maintain and provide the best level of service for cloud computing. CloudLayer is a company that has an advantage over their competition in that they offer capabilities that others cannot. CloudLayer also offers public clouds, private clouds and what they call bare metal clouds. The bare metal cloud is designed specifically for massive processing power that doesn’t require virtualization. SoftLayer is one the top innovator in cloud technology on the market at this time.


  • Complete Selection of Standard Services Included
  • On Demand Dedicated Servers
  • Cloud Computing Instances
  • Integrated Geographical Diversity
  • Network Architecture that is Proprietary
  • Open API
  • Fully Automated Platform
  • Industry Leading Customer Portal
  • Twenty minute response time on all tickets
  • Phones answered by the second ring


Product Philosophy:

SoftLayer is able to seamlessly mesh their technology into any platform. They offer cloud storage, cloud computing and cloud hosting solutions for any business that is looking for optimum scalability, security and affordability. They offer a number of hardware and software solutions as well as disaster recovery solutions such as EVaults, snapshots and geographic diversity.


SoftLayer also leads the industry in securing their networks, and providing the best security for their clients. They also guarantee uptime for critical areas of operations such as the customer portal, private network, public network and the redundant infrastructure. They are also very good about keeping their hardware as top of the line with scheduled hardware upgrades.


SoftLayer gives their customers a way to design their own cloud network. They do not provide a fixed resource package, so services can be custom designed by the customer for the best in storage, memory and storage. Another excellent benefit that SoftLayer has is that they have datacenters in Dallas, Singapore, Amsterdam, San Jose, Washington, Houston and Seattle.

Ease Of Use:

SoftLayer is obviously heavier on the technical side and geared towards larger corporations, but they also have a small company mentality. This is a great thing to have in today’s economic climate because a small business mentality means that they have a very strict and regimented work ethic, their commitments are met on time and they are willing to do more for their customers than cloud computing service providers that have become complacent. SoftLayer is very easy to use, and building your own cloud makes it even easier. The customer portal was designed to make it easier on the customer and it does just that.


SoftLayer’s support is expertly performed and they have consistently resolved customer issues with over a 98% success rate. Every member of the technical support staff is a certified engineer or a highly trained expert that are available 24/7. SoftLayer has consistently lived up to their claims of having the most responsive customer service team in the cloud hosting industry.

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