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  • PC Compatible
  • Mac Compatible
  • Linux Compatible
  • Mobile Device Access
  • Android App
  • iPad App
  • iPhone App
  • 24/7 Support
  • Phone Support
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Personal Content Mover for any device.

ZumoDrive excels in the ease of use category.  What they have been able to do is make the cloud work so smoothly that it all appears locally on any device.  Instead of some complicated login procedure, all you do is turn on your device and your files are there.


  • Quick and easy access to music and photo files
  • Mobile Access
  • File Sharing
  • Folder Linking
  • Right Click Access right from Explorer or Finder
  • All Your Content When You Want it
  • iPhone App Included
  • 1 GB Free


Product Philosophy:

ZumoDrive wanted to make cloud storage that anyone can use and in following that philosophy they have created a completely transparent connection between all devices and their cloud services.  This is all done by linking files from the ZumoDrive directly to your computer, laptop, smartphone or other wireless devices.  This means that music that you buy from iTunes or any other music files that you have may be accessed from any device.  iTunes users also get complete integration between ZumoDrive and iTunes.  This also includes accessing your playlists which was a big hassle in the past.


ZumoDrive uses a high level of security to protect your files.  Your music, videos and documents are securely transferred and stored from any of your devices using the ZumoDrive.


ZumoDrive has seven pricing plans depending on how much storage space you will need each month.  The most economical is 1GB, which is free followed by 10, 25 and 50GB at $2.99, $6.99 and $9.99 respectively.  If you need 100GB-500GB of storage, then expect to pay $19.99 and up with a ZumoDrive plan.  Even though the offer is for 1GB, I personally downloaded the software and was awarded 2GB of space, so if you want to try it out, you might end up with the same results.

Ease Of Use:

ZumoDrive is super simple and so easy to use.  All you do is choose what you want to upload to ZumoDrive and once that is completed, you can access your files from anywhere.  It’s an especially useful service for iPhone users that are running out of storage space.  Even with the latest and greatest iPhone, ZumoDrive still provides a ton of storage so you’ll never have to worry about filling up local storage again.  ZumoDrive is really as easy as it sounds.  With just a few clicks, you’ll really enjoy the way you can move files to ZumoDrive and start using them from home, work, the car or anywhere you and your devices go.


ZumoDrive does offer support to its users but you will find that it is only satisfactory.  There’s really not too much that can go wrong with ZumoDrive, so the limited support options may have been a business decision on their part.  There are really not too many reasons to have a staff of technical support operators manning their stations if no one ever has a problem right?

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