Server Intellect


Service, not just Servers.

Server Intellect is extremely proud of their service first attitude towards cloud hosting and so they should be.  Server Intellect has been able to merge a high level of customer support, friendly and helpful attitude, with the technical know how needed to run a number one cloud hosting company.  If you are looking for a company that offers private cloud servers, scalable cloud hosting or dedicated servers and does so with a smile, then Serve Intellect cloud hosting will be the right fit.  Another great thing about this company is that nearly 70% of their staff are Microsoft Certified.  That says a lot for the type of technical assistance that is available to their clients.

Product Philosophy

With a dedication to customer service, Server Intellect is still able to deliver the best in cloud hosting services and at affordable prices.  They offer so many solutions that the recommended way to get the best pricing for what you need is for them to offer you a quote.  A Server Intellect quote typically comes in 20% under competitors prices, plus they also offer free add-ons along with their upper echelon technical support.


  • Public Cloud Solutions
  • The  Best Customer Service in the Industry
  • Design Your Own Solution
  • Private Cloud Services
  • Managed Hosting Solutions
  • US Based Support 24×7
  • Software and Hardware Firewalls for Dedicated Servers
  • McAfee SECURE, Improved Security
  • Microsoft Gold Certified Partner
  • BBB Accredited Business


Server Intellect provides high speed connections that are secure and reliable.  With TippingPoint IPS.IDS protection and datacenters located on the East and West Coasts, customers know upfront that their data is safe.  Service Intellect is also SAS 70 Type II Certified, but goes above and beyond the requirements for meeting standard security expectations.  Besides the very strong encryption, Server Intellect also provides hardware redundancy for added data protection.

Storage Space

Server Intellect delivers a level of private cloud scalability that their competitors have yet to reach.  Pricing is reasonable and based on the number of cores of the cloud server.  Prices starting at $99 for 1 core and $449 for 8, really makes a very big difference when pricing private cloud server solutions. 

Ease of Use 

Private cloud servers at Server Intellect are ready to go in only a few minutes.  The control panel is very easy to use and considered to be state of the art.


The best in the business for customer support.  If you solely want to get your cloud server from a company that is very helpful, friendly and extremely technically competent, then this is the company for you.  Contacting technical support is very easy and the technical staff is highly knowledgeable and happy to serve their customers.  This company has made a public vow to give the most trustworthy, professional, and friendly service to each of their customers for every phone call.  Obviously, they are very serious about providing the highest level of customer service; a shortcoming for many of their competitors. 

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