Strong Vault Online Backup, Spamware, Removal Tips

There are a lot of computer users who are having a problem with “Strong Vault Online Back Up”. Since it is clearly a widespread problem, we decided to address it here at We will discuss the nature of Strong Vault Online Back Up, the complaints that users have, what it can do to your computer and finally, tips on how to uninstall it and get rid of it for good.

Understanding Strong Vault Online Backup?

“Strong Vault Online backup” is marketed as an internet backup software solution. It even has an official website where the company claims that Strong Vault is a technology leader and a pioneer in the internet backup industry and that it is dedicated to serve the needs of individuals, small & medium businesses as well as IT service providers. This might fool a lot of people into the belief that Strong Vault is legit software that they can use in order to backup their important data online.

To the untrained user, it might look as legit software but for a professional, it is not. For starters, the software of Strong Vault will install itself on your computer without asking for your consent through the usual permission request. This is why it cannot be uninstalled like regular software from the Add/Remove tool in the control panel. This is not all, as Strong Vault will also slip inside your computer while you are downloading and installing free software. Many free software packages can come with extra software but each and every legitimate program will ask for your permission before being installed during the setup process. In Strong Vault’s case, this does not happen, as it will install itself without asking you whether you want it or not. Some people would look at it as a method of promotion but in reality, it is how rogue software spreads itself.

Strong Vault will appear to do what the software is supposed to do as it collects data and information from different activities.  The software also prevents you from changing your browser’s homepage as well as your preferred search engine. It will obligate you to use SEARCHQU.

SEARCHQU tracks all of your searches and records that data. These are not the only problems caused by it, as there is a long list of complaints that will be discussed later in this investigation.  If you want to get rid of the software, you will not be able to do it easily as you will be presented with a myriad of blocks of different programs and alerts that are left over from the software and the cache that it has formed.

All of this shows that Strong Vault is not regular online back software but a malware that you should avoid at all costs.

The Problems that are caused by Strong Vault Online Backup

You will witness a drastic decrease in the speed of your computer during various operations

The operating system will repeatedly crash suddenly and without any prior notice

Random folders & files will be created without your permission

The homepage of your browser will be changed

You will not be able to change your preferred search engine

A lot of pop-ups, alert messages and errors will appear during operations

It will refuse to be uninstalled or removed

You will also be bombarded with fake pop-ups while being online. These pop-ups claim to be from legit businesses such as Adobe and others. They come with the logo and the trademark and all but if you click on them, they will invade your computer with more malware and spyware.

Can an Antivirus Remove it?

Unfortunately, anti virus software will not be able to help you with this problem. This is because the software does not exist in any of the virus databases of the most commonly used companies. The reason behind that is not clear. It may be that most antivirus software does not consider it a virus or the fact that millions of programs are being introduced and they just didn’t add it to their database yet. So for the time being, an antivirus checker will not help you resolve this problem.

Removing Strong Vault Online Backup

As mentioned above, the software installs itself without any permission; therefore, it can’t be uninstalled like any other software or programs through the control panel.

There are numerous ways to remove this malware. Please follow the instruction listed below so you can successfully remove this hideous software from your computer:

1- Turn off the computer then wait for thirty-seconds prior to turning it back on

2-After you turn on your system back again; keep clicking on the F8 button until the WIINDOWS ADVANCED OPTIONS MENU appears on the screen.

3-You will find many options in this menu. You will go down and select the choice that says “SAFE MODE WITH NETWORKING” which will be found under the “Repair Your Computer” section. This will enable you to open your computer in Safe Mode. This is why you will see that the appearance of the computer and the icons is much different. You need not to freak out as this is perfectly normal in Safe Mode and it is not one of the bad effects of “Strong Vault Online backup”.  This mode allows you to open your computer with the base operating system files only while having access to the internet as well so you can solve this problem.

4- The infection from the software might change the Windows settings of your computer and force it to use a proxy server. This is why it prevents you from browsing pages on your internet browser as well as preventing you from changing the home page or the search engine. So, you will have to fix that issue by downloading a malware removal software utility. There are many of these tools in the computer industry that are well reputed and safe.

5- Click on the WINDOWS key & click on “R”. This will open the Run command. In this dialog, type in iexplore.exe and click on the “OK” button in order to open Internet Explorer.

6- After you open Internet Explorer, at the navigation bar, click on Tools then choose Internet Options from the Sub Menu.

7- After opening Internet Options, click on the tab for Connections then select the LAN Setting button.

8- At the bottom, you will see an option that says use proxy server for your LAN. If there is a tick beside it, it means that Strong Vault has made that. So you should click on it to remove the tick then click on OK.

9- You will have to kill all of the processes that belong to the software you are trying to remove. In order to stop them, you will have to download special software that would kill these processes.

10- Download and setup the software and run it in order to kill the processes.

11- You will then need to install Anti Malware software that can remove Strong Vault from your system.

12- After you download it and set it up, update it then run a complete Scan on your computer.

13- The scan will take a few minutes and then it will present you with the threats that are detected.  Then you may be required to restart the system after all the malware, including Strong Vault has been removed.

This is one way to deal with Strong Vault as there are many ways and different utilities and tools that can be used to delete this program.

For example, you can find a troubleshooter at Microsoft’s website. This troubleshooter gives you two options. You should choose “detect problems and apply fixes".  After it loads, it will ask you if you have a problem installing or uninstalling a program. Choose uninstalling which all present you with a list. From that list, choose the software that is a problem, in this case, Strong Vault. It will load and then it will fix the problem for you.


It is also recommended to try to find out what software were you downloading when Strong Vault slipped through. Find out where you downloaded it from and refrain from ever downloading any software from there ever again because there is a great chance you will get it again.

Once you make contact, try your best to remove it by using the steps mentioned in this article or by doing another research online.

The Bottom Line

Strong vault online backup is clearly a spamware; this is why you should avoid it completely. We suggest using only the trusted online backup, cloud storage providers that can be found here at  We have personally tested the software from the cloud storage providers that we recommend on this site and that’s why we feel comfortable in letting you know about their reliability.

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