The Best Cloud Choice

Cloud storage is a wonderful invention, and it’s really surprising how many people still aren’t taking advantage of it.  You may be one of those people who are simply waiting to find out which is the best cloud choice, but you could be waiting forever if you expect it to just jump out at you.  Things like this are constantly changing, and while there are plenty of top ten cloud sites out there, their lists too change in order based on the reviews that customers post.

A company that was listed ninth one week may be bumped up to fourth by the next, or they could drop from fifth to tenth quickly as well.  The most effective way to find the best cloud for your company or personal use is simply by doing the research yourself.   Make yourself a list of what features you are looking for, and other things like how often you want your files backed up and what kind of security they use.  Some companies have free accounts for very small amounts of storage.

This is an extremely simple way to see just what they have to offer, or at least a fraction of it, without having to shell out a dime or make a commitment to someone that just doesn’t fulfill your needs.  Keep looking around until you find one that fits like a comfortable pair of jeans; you know that they’ll be reliable and make everything look good and easy for you to handle on an everyday basis.

What is the most important factor when you're choosing a cloud storage/ online backup provider?