Introduces the Give Backup Fundraiser


A One-Day Fundraiser to Help Our Future and Backup Our Digital Past

At, we’re always thinking about ways to get people more interested in online backup and storage. So over the past few weeks, we brainstormed ideas about promoting the cause. Our ideas spawned Give Back-Up, a one-day event that provides users with 50 GB of online storage and helps charities in need. Let’s get into the specifics…..

What is Give Back-Up?

Give Back-Up is a one-day fundraiser on July 14th that offers anyone the chance to get 50 GB of online storage for one year, for only $1. In addition, will donate $5 to a charity that the donor selects.

Our Give Back-Up charities include Sierra Club, American Red Cross, ASPCA, March of Dimes, and National Breast Cancer Foundation.

Why Should I Join?

You should join Give Back-Up for two reasons: tons of online storage space, and helping a charity you care about. Let’s explore each reason separately.

  • File Storage – Think about what we’re offering. 50 gigabytes of online storage for an entire year FOR ONLY $1. That’s a deal you will not find anywhere on the internet. What can you do with 50 gigabytes?
  • Helping a Cause – You can feel good knowing that your money helped a charity that you support. You made a difference in the world through your generosity.

We will be posting more updates about Give Back-Up on this blog between now and July 14th .
For now, check out to learn more about the event.

We hope you’ll take part in this fantastic opportunity to get cloud storage and help a cause you care about.

See you on July 14th!

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