Which One? Cloud Storage Providers

So you’ve made the decision to go with a cloud computing company; congratulations!  Now, where you go from this point is a whole different ballgame.  If you already have a recommendation from a friend or co-worker, then you have a really good head start.  Otherwise you will need to find a website that can give you all of the necessary information about the different kinds of cloud storage providers out there.

There are plenty of sites, like top10cloudstorage.com that take care of all of the legwork for you.   They have a really awesome format that makes all of the crucial details pop right out at you.  The cloud storage providers that make this top ten list really are some of the best available, and it’s very likely that you have heard of the companies before.

There have been so many different people that have been able to pick the perfect company for their personal use and for companies as well.  Imagine that; one program can provide excellent service for an individual and back up everything on their personal computer, and the very same one can offer the same kind of service to dozens of computers and services in a large corporation.   You may have to do a little bit of research yourself in order to find the best cloud storage provider for whatever your needs may be.  It shouldn’t take you too long to find the perfect match either!

What is the most important factor when you're choosing a cloud storage/ online backup provider?