Why Should You Consider a Private Cloud?

Most companies out there long for the benefits of cloud computing services without dealing with the risks. That said, there has long since been a debate when discussing exactly how to do this. The term ‘private cloud’ drives some computer industry veterans crazy because they believe cloud computing is something that occurs outside of your central data center. As well, they believe the technology in regards to ‘private clouds’ has been around forever.

Well it’s true that no one single piece of internal cloud structure is a brand new technology but ‘private clouds’ do represent various tech trends coming together, which holds great promise with enterprise computing. These ‘private clouds’ are a very powerful mixture of modular hardware that can be broken down into numerous pieces, with storage and effective networking that can be implemented through structured policies.

Being able to run specific applications in a private cloud during top usage hours is very beneficial.

Imagine this scenario, you are responsible for taxi transportation to a city. You are getting set to order new taxis that you will need for the next five years. Taxis are available in 2, 3 or 4 seat configurations. You need about 500 seats in total. Wouldn’t it be easier to figure out if you could buy a ‘cloud with 500 seats’ and re-organize those seats into whatever taxi size you wanted? Having this sort of flexibility is very valuable because you can have more seats being used at once, which means a more positive experience for everyone.

Think about it because it really does make perfect sense.

What is the most important factor when you're choosing a cloud storage/ online backup provider?